Fundamentals of Alternative Currencies and Value Measurement

Fundamentals of Alternative Currencies and Value Measurement. This article really drives home the necessity of separating from the dollar not only as a medium of exchange but also as a value standard if an alternative currency system is to really empower local communities. This can happen when alternative currency spent into community circulation “monetizes” goods and services with bona fide, non-volatile, intrinsic and exchangeable value.

This is what I mean when I talk about liberating the exchange process and restoring (some part of) the “credit commons” and bringing it under local control. In this way, the community gains a measure of independence from the supply of official money (dollars) and the policies and decisions of the central bank (which in the US is the Federal Reserve) and the banking cartel. That is the primary mission that needs to be accomplished if we are to transcend the destructive effects of the global monetary and banking regime, devolve power to the local level, and build sustainable, economic democracy.

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